WOAH! The Fun Carnival has come to Chandigarh & We’re Going For Sure!


Hello Chandigarh, are you ready for some Cracking Carnival Fun? Well, your wish might just get granted and quite literally at that! How? The FUN CARNIVAL has finally arrived to the city!

Whose up for a whole month of frolic? Are you? You better be, because bringing in non-stop entertainment in one place, Chandigarh Fun Carnival is a month long fun fair offering a series of events and attractions that cater to every age group!The event starts on the 27th October!

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And guess what? The carnival happening for the first time in Chandigarh! And as we all know, the first time is the Best time!! The carnival showcases a range of fun-filled amusement rides that gets your adrenaline pumped up, a myriad of food stalls to cater to your taste buds and satiate your hunger pangs and innumerable merchandise stalls for the all shopping maniacs out there!

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Offering a fun spot to enjoy a leisurely break from your busy schedules, this carnival is sure to add color into your life while you enjoy some quality time with your near and dear ones here at Chandigarh Fun Carnival.

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