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Come what May, this June you deserve to look your best. Here are 10 expert tips to keep humidity at bay and ensure your makeup is on fleek every time you step out. Time to spoil yourself!

Don’t Skip The Moisturizer

A moisturizing lotion will keep your skin hydrated, but to ensure you get the most out of your lotion is to use a light moisturizer with less or no oil content in it.

Prep With A Primer!

Primer is the way to go. First apply your moisturizer and then your primer before your makeup. You won’t regret the few extra seconds it takes. It acts as a natural shield for dust and debris and also helps reduce perspiration through the pores. Best part? It ensures your makeup is in place for longer.

Foundation For Flawless Skin

Save the liquid foundations for non-sweaty days. Also, avoid cream foundations or anything too luminous, as the humidity will make you shiny and sweaty-looking. Switch to powder-based foundations. The setting powder and foundation on your skin dissolves instantly, giving you flawless coverage.

Ditch The Powdery Blush for A Great Flush

Add some glow to your look with a gel or blush stain, then blend a touch of a cream blush on top. Cream-based cheek tints glide on the skin and get absorbed giving your cheeks a natural flush. Dust a light, invisible setting powder on top to give it a longer wear.

Say No To Heavy Matte Lipsticks

Try the season’s simplest trend: Lip stains. These long-lasting formulas offer sheer coverage, making them super handy. Opt for pink or peach shades for a toned down look, or go bold with tangerine and grape colors.

Say Bye To Raccoon Eyes

Avoid the constant worry of raccoon eyes when dark makeup transfers either onto the lids or in the under-eye areas. Use 24-hour stay waterproof liners and mascaras, which have lower water content and are less likely to budge on a humid day.

Make Your Eye Shadow Pop

For longer-lasting eye shadow, avoid using cream on your lids. Instead, opt for an eye primer to minimize creasing and create a base for the shadow to cling to so it lasts longer. A great tip is to layer a powder over a cream. Double up your liner, too! Apply your regular pencil liner and then use a brush to press dark eye shadow over the liner to keep it intact for longer.

Highlight That Face

To make the most of the dewiness that the heat will give your skin, add a dab of highlighter at the top of your cheekbones, next to the eye area, in order for the shine to be in all the right places. Again, go easy on the highlight. You don’t want to end up looking artificially shiny. Opt for liquid highlighters, because powder can sometimes look too cakey or patchy.

Blot The Humidity Away

Avoid over powdering your face to compensate for the humidity. Powder is often the culprit behind cakey faces, and besides, powder and sweat simply don’t go well together! Instead, use blotting papers. They’re an easy and low-maintenance way to dab away oil during the day.

Spray & Set

Seal your look with a make-up setting spray. Don’t just stop there. You can also use setting sprays on your décolletage and neck to help avoid telltale makeup streaks.
Now that you’ve got the lowdown on how to ensure your makeup is intact all day long, here’s a little extra help to amp up your beauty quotient in the days ahead. Check out our exclusive range of beauty treatments
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