4 Awesome Ways To Make Your December To Remember Before 2018 Says Hi!


As 2017 is about to sing- “Acha chalta hun, duaaon mein yaad rakhna”, the best time of the year makes its way, and we’ve already started weaving those drool-worthy celebrations in the “back-end” of our minds.

NEW YEAR’S EVE Calls for a Blassst!!

Wondering why that addicting “Despacito”, is pre-occupying the mind all the time, without any reason?Hmm.. let’s figure out. Yaasss, the party is about to begin and will continue “as long as I can feel the beat!” C’mon, time to start raving over that crazzzy New Year’s Eve with buddies because nearbuy.com is here to make it the most rememberable ever!!!

We’ll make sure you get the best New Year’s Eve deals at the most happening places in town and get your “scene set”!!! Hitting the dance floor is so passé. Burn it with your moves!!
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Monotonous schedules making life an endlessly boring loop? *Sigh*. But wait!! It’s the December to Remember!! Breakaway from the worries and hurries of life to wherever your heart desires, be it the scintillating backwaters of Kerala or the evergreen Goaaaa; be it the grandeur of Udaipur or the paradise on Earth- Srinagar. Because we believe that you deserve Blue Seas and Skies, not Monday Morning Blues!
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Some of us yearn for a break! Wanna check out that stunning new coffee shop nearby, or that promising new salon? Or a day out with the best people in your life? Click here to get spoilt for choice!!

Fellas, When it comes to your celebration plans this festive season, we, at nearbuy are as excited as you to make your December- to Remember!! This December, come, hit that much needed Refresh button in your life and collect memories that will stay with you forever.

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