5 Offbeat Things To Do For Her This Valentines Than Gifting A Teddy!


Valentines week is round the corner and love is in the air. It is undoubtdely the most anticipated day of the year and is the most apt day to express your love and feelings to your partner, whether be it your wife or husband, husband or boyfriend! Especially popular among the youth, there is a lot of hype around this week. Plannings start a week before as to what all can be done!

But this time, lets be a bit different. Instead of giving her those usual chocolates and normal teddy, plan to give her something exquisite which she could cherish all her life. And don’t fret, we have plans jotted down for you. Lets start:

1. Let the glow and light of candle lighten up the environment

Take her out to her favourite restaurant or cafe for a classic dinner date with her favourite flower decoration and music in the backdrop. You can even ask the staff to make special arrangements like playing some romantic track on her arrival, coffee with a heart on froth and a lot more.

candle light dinner this valentines

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2. Take her for a massage

Yes, women do love to get sessions of spa and what better than this oh-so-romantic day. Let it be a spa outing with full body massage. This would not only reviatlize and refresh her, but would also prove to be a much better option than chocolates and teddies atleast!

spa this valentines

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3. Lets have some adventure together

Now this call is for those adventurous couples out there who don’t believe in mushy love, instead love adventure and fun, adventure is what excites them to the core. There are a lot of activities for which both of you can go like bowling, paintball, paragliding and a lot.

adventure this valentines

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4. Tighten your seat belts for a trip and luxury stay

Lets take this Valentines a notch higher by travelling and gifting a luxury stay in a 5 star or even 4 star hotel to make the day memorable. This day is well suited for those who love to travel and travelling is what describes their equaiton best.

Travelling this valentines

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5. Shopping is the best remedy and best gift too (blush)

What can be a better gift than a day full of shopping and shopping. Shopping is love. A day of shopping is what can drive a woman crazy, although it might drive you crazy too (winks). But you would love to see that smile on your lady love.

shopping this valentines

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-Divija Gupta for nearbuy.com

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