7 Things Donald Trump Would Never Buy On nearbuy


Donald Trump recently logged on to nearbuy.com, and guess what all he abandoned at cart.

Artificial Wall Climbing in Bangalore

Because..well…he doesn’t climb walls, he builds them!

GIF Credits: Giphy.com


Breweries in Gurgaon

Well, because he doesn’t drink.. he, well snorts things!

Video Credits: youtube.com


Online Cambridge Academy English Courses

Why? Because his English is at another level. Remember, “Bigly?!”

Video Credits: telegraphh.com

Fabulous Offers at Delhi Gyms

Because, he clearly doesn’t need them!

GIF Credits: Giphy.com


Mumbai Salon Offers on French Manicures

Because he’s naturally gifted, of course!

Image Credits: Imgflip.com

Hummus, Pita bread & other Arabic food in Delhi

Do we really need to explain this one?

Image courtesy: imgflip.com
Image courtesy: imgflip.com

Snow city in Bangalore

Well, clearly because we all could do with some global warming!

Image Courtesy: ifunny.co
Image Courtesy: ifunny.co
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