Why Babaji ki Booti at Prankster is the next thing you need to step out to Sector 29 for?


Sector 29’s largest restaurant, PRANKSTER, steals the show with it’s impressive design elements, funky light installations, stellar food and trip back in time. Spread over 10,000 sq. ft, Prankster is Gurgaon’s largest restaurant, and also, dare we say, most innovative.

Opening into a library, complete with bookshelves and some of the most amazing light installations you will ever see, you ‘d probably never miss college if it looked like this!

Unique dining areas with funky elements

  • A Mixology Lab
  • A Hostel Room
  • A Classroom
  • An Amphitheatre
  • A Canteen
  • A Parking Lot (There’s a jeep and a food truck parked outside, and you’re welcome to sip your drink on comfy scootys that double up as sofas)

Signature Cocktail

Babaji Ki Booti made with the perfect mix of Bacardi White, Fresh Cucumber, Mint leaves, Ginger, Sweet lime, Rock Salt, Sweet & Sour, Sprite – a must try!

Dishes to Hog on (With a twist)

  • Dahi Bhalla Ice-Cream
  • Flat gappas
  • Chilli Potatoes stuffed with Mashed Potatoes (a true delight!)
  • Pao Bhaji Burger (inspired by chef Harangad’s grandmother, who couldn’t stand the fact that he was wasting his tiffin, inspiring him to give the staple an upgrade)
  • The Rampuri Ghosht

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