Here’s why Baba’s Chicken at Golf Course Road should be your next binge-eating destination!


Baba’s Chicken from Ludhiana has opened a new outlet at Golf Course Road in Gurgaon and we think it should be your favourite place to satisfy all your chicken cravings.

Located next to the Porsche showroom on Golf Course Road, they have a comfortingly classy, yet fun ambience that will make you feel right at home. It has an alfresco area with a pretty garden which is the perfect element to uplift your mood.

The Butter Chicken here, which boasts of being Ludhiana’s original recipe, is one of the best we have tasted. That and some yummy garlic naan is the ideal comfort food that will surely make you come back for more. The vegetarians among us fell in love with the Mushroom & Paneer Tikka, Dal Makhani and Shahi Paneer to name a few.

Their fizzy Masala Coke is the perfect beverage to end this palatable array of culinary awesomeness.

In a nutshell, you will surely fall in love with Baba’s Chicken on your first visit! Scrumptious fare that reminded us of the classic Beera Chicken from Amritsar and elegant interiors which will make you want to stay here for more than just a while! We never realised just how comfortable leather chairs can be until we planted ourselves here 🙂

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