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How’s The Josh Going For Big Buffet Carnival Bengaluru?

Hope At All Its High Spirit.

Planning a family dinner but don’t know where to go? Confused about the place you want to take your girlfriend to? Or want to have a nice fine dine out with your friends but can’t pick and choose a place? Big Buffet Carnival is here with with a list of the 4 Top & Best Restaurants in Bangalore to make deliciousness jump into your mouth.Also, that’s not it, if you’re a lucky one, you can win a mega prize of OnePlus 7 pro phone! Plus, win vouchers from amazing brands like Myntra,, Zoom Car,  etc are up for grabs for everyone!


1. Kava – Fairfield By Marriott:-

Kava, within the premises of Fairfield By Marriott, located at Rajaji Nagar in Bangalore, offers an array of North Indian, South Indian and Continental cuisines. It offers a plush and classy ambiance that will help soothe your senses. With a staff of warm, welcoming and courteous professionals working around the clock to ensure your satisfaction, it ensures that you have a great dining experience! Head on over to Kava with your friends and family for an amazing time! Besides enjoying this amazing time not to forget the chance to win ONEPLUS PRO, vouchers from amazing brands like Myntra,, Zoom Car,  etc z & an addition cashback on SBI cards. 

Click here to avail Mon-Sat: 2 Lunch Buffet + Unlimited Mocktails/Soft Drinks @ just INR 1,000!!


2. Masala Mandi:-

Mandi deals exclusively in North Indian food. It’s home to some of the best curries in Bengaluru and deserves your full attention. The food cooked here is purely vegetarian, with no meat in sight. For pocket-friendly prices, they serve lip-smacking North Indian food with a vast range to impress you further. Look into their buffet for a more lavish fare. No alcohol is available at Mandi, settle for a malaiwalee lassi or a mocktail. Kick start your meal by choosing few delicious appetizers.Also, don’t forget an additional 5% cashback on SBI cards. Plus, you may also win a OnePlus 7 Pro every week, and various other vouchers.

Click here to avail Mon – Fri: 4 Lunch Buffets (Veg/Non-Veg) + 4 Mocktails @ just INR 2,202!!!


3. Spice it:-

A vibrant and inviting diner, Spice It at the Ibis Hotel, Bomanahalli offers delicious Indian and Continental food for you to enjoy over breakfast, lunch and dinner. The brightly lit and colourfully done restaurant attracts you like a magnet; and the tantalising aroma of all the good food being made at the open kitchen here only makes it all the more difficult for one to walk past the restaurant without stopping for a bite. Instead of making it difficult for you to choose from numerous options, the restaurant offers a compact menu full of gorgeous dishes. The buffets here are one way to enjoy the best of Spice It. Talk about hospitality and you know you’re going to get exceptional service here for that’s what the Ibis group takes pride in. Spice up your meals with the fragrant flavours and warm hospitality offered at Spice It!

Click here to avail All Days: 2 Lunch Buffet @ just INR 681!!Also, don’t forget an additional 5% cashback on SBI cards. Plus, you may also win a OnePlus 7 Pro every week, and various other vouchers.


4. Village – The Soul Of India:-

Village – The Soul of India is a chain of restaurants located all over India. As the name suggests, the restaurant serves dishes from all over the country. Right from Gujarati, Lucknowi and Maharashtrian food to South Indian and Bengali fare, the have it all! The decor of the restaurants is that of a typical village, with low seating and jute furniture. The restaurant features stalls from different states, where you can see them cooking your food live. As they say, it is not just a restaurant, it is an experience. So head here with your family and friends and enjoy this unique experience.

Click here to avail Mon-Fri: 3 Buffet Dinner @ just INR 1178!! Win vouchers from amazing brands like Myntra,, Zoom Car,  etc are up for grabs for everyone!


So when are you heading to try them out?

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