The Big Buffet Carnival is here & It’s time to #GoUnlimited !!!



Hey everybody! We have an announcement for you!!

Something really great is cooking for you guys. Here we are with the best has to offer. India’s biggest food festival, The Big Buffet Carnival is knocking on your door, and all you need to do is welcome it with vigor and excitement. Book your dates from 9th September because it’s time to #GoUnlimited.

The Big Buffet Carnival is back !!!

Read on to know more about it.

India’s biggest food festival called the Big Buffet Carnival is here and you’ve got to #GoUnlimited! Cancel everything from 9th September 2019 to 13 October 2019.


This not just your ordinary food festival. There’s so much to win with nothing to lose, isn’t that what we call ‘best’?!

Most awesome offers in every city, every locality, there will be various buffet offers from one of the most renowned and your favorite restaurants like Westin, Barbeque Nation, AB’s, The G.T. Road, etc to local ones. What’s amazing is you always get 1 extra Buffet, No matter what you do!!

But Worry not we don’t want you to gain weight, So we have some of the most amazing deals on Brands like, where you can burn all those extra calories!!

Also, that’s not it, if you’re a lucky one, you can win a mega prize of OnePlus 7 pro phone!

Plus, win vouchers from amazing brands like Myntra,, Zoom Car,  etc are up for grabs for everyone!

So much to win and nothing to lose, that’s the best! Big Buffet Carnival is, what are you waiting for? #GoUnlimited now!!!

Check out this space for more information and exciting news on the Big Buffet Carnival.

Click here to know more and always get 1 Buffet extra!!

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