Chandigarh!! Satisfy All Your Appetite With Big Buffet Carnival At Captain Sam’s


Searching For The Place  To Enjoy Unlimited Big Buffet Carnival?

 Go Crazy!  #GoUnlimited!

Whoever said that good food leads you to good mood has spent their lives right! Food is an excellent way of communication. You’re sad- eat, happy-eat, angry-eat, bored? Eat! Food is the only thing that’ll keep you happy! And though you don’t need a silver fork to eat good food, the best buffet restaurant in Chandigarh to binge on is  Captain Sam’s. Also, don’t forget an additional 5% cashback on SBI cards. Plus, you may also win a OnePlus 7 Pro every week, and various other vouchers.

Captain Sam’s Stands for everything that defines Unlimited Buffet Experience. Unlimited Pizzas, Extravagant toppings, loads of Cheeze and an Exotic spread of Salads is what makes us the best in what we do. We have made an exceptional mark not only in Tricity but also in Zirakpur and Ludhiana.

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All who love pizza go aye! Captain Sam’s is here! All you pizza fanatics head to Captain Sam’s and enjoy your slice (a pie much rather) of delight. Their wide range of fresh and loaded pizzas are sure to lift your spirits. Also served here is a range of salads and yummy garlic breads that add to the joy of dining here. With it’s unique ‘pizza buffet’ concept, Captain Sam’s sure has grabbed the love and attention of all hard-core pizza lovers. A lively setup, magnetizing aromas and friendly services are furthermore reasons to enjoy your next pizza party at Captain Sam’s!

Click here to avail All Days: 3 Lunch/Dinner Buffet (Pizza & Salad) @ just INR 690!!

So when are you heading to try it out?

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