Jaipur!! Big Buffet Carnival Brings To You The Array Of 1000 Flavors In Just One Plate


Khamma-Ghani Jaipur!! Searching For The Place  To Enjoy Unlimited The Big Buffet Carnival?


 Go Crazy! #GoUnlimited

Jaipur, a city with a rich history, exhibits no shortage of must-see forts and palaces. The city is also known however for its exquisite cuisine. Combining gastronomic traditions from the kitchens of the royals to the street stalls of everyday families, and fusing local culinary traditions with those of neighboring areas, dining in Jaipur is a dynamic and delicious experience. Considered to be one of the most impressive culinary attractions in the area, The Barbeque Company’s experience is a priority for all.

Experience the pleasure of your dishes getting cooked right in front of you at The Barbeque Company. Choose from a range of meats, vegetables, and seafood as they pace it on skewers on the grill embedded in your dining table! Watch in rapture as they char and the aroma fills your senses.

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An awesome place for a casual dine-in that never fails to amaze people with its wonderful taste. It offers a variety of scrumptious North Indian, Chinese and BBQ delicacies that are nailed to perfection. It has an elegant decor and comfortable seating where one can relax in a cool ambiance and savor a delicious meal. Enjoy all this and more in a setting that is elegant and classy, with furniture and flooring in warm tones of ivory. Head here for an intimate dinner or a casual lunch with your family.

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So when are you all heading?

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