Mumbai!! Big Buffet Carnival Is Here With The Thrill & A Touch Of Mystery And Wonder On Your Plate


Look no more for buffets as the Big Buffet Carnival is here!

 Mumbaikars love eating  & the Time has Come to #GoUnlimited

Cosmopolitan Mumbai is a melting pot of different communities, making it a real treat for those who love to eat! So if you still often find ourselves perplexed to pick one restaurant out of the many, Big Buffet Carnival is all here with the solution and the solution is none other than being at Barbeque Central. Also, don’t forget an additional 5% cashback on SBI cards. Plus, you may also win a OnePlus 7 Pro every week, and various other vouchers.

If your favorite type of food is grilled food then Barbeque Central is the place for you! Located in Goregaon West, Mumbai, Barbeque Central offers an array of barbeque delights that you can grill to perfection based on your preference. They also offer a wide range of dishes of North Indian cuisine for those looking to for something extra flavor to go with their grilled dish. The restaurant features quirky interiors with brick walls that have been decorated with traditional art, rustic chandeliers that provide warm lighting and plush sofas where you can relax as you enjoy a lavish meal with friends and family.

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Barbeque Central is the perfect place for people who are in love with the grilled food items and have that special deviation towards smoked food. The place offers an awesome ambiance with fine seating and a beautiful setting. The menu serves a wide range of barbecued dishes from North Indian, Mediterranean, and Continental cuisines. The fabulous and elaborate buffet menu is perfect for large groups. Whether it is lunch or buffet, they serve them both and that too of great tastes. The food they serve here is known for its authentic ingredients and aromatic spices used in them.

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So when are you heading to try it out?

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