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The art of Chinese cooking is veiled in mystery! How do you acquire the perfect citrus twist? How do the eastern flavors balance themselves so naturally on your palate? Unravel the answer to the sweet-salty-spicy mysteries of the Chinese culinary arts here at Mainland China, one of India’s largest chains of fine-dining restaurants.The food has a perfect balance of taste and presentation.

The delectable food served here includes long noodles, appetizing soups, steaming dumplings, tangy sauces infused main courses, spice infused rice dishes and a lot more. Best known for it’s lunch and dinner buffet, the restaurant does some gorgeous a-la-carte preparations that must not be missed! It’s perfect for a family outing and its ambiance is definitely something interesting.

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Mainland China is that unique brand which has managed to attract repeat visitors over the last several years. One can also find serpentine queues outside its doors on weekends with diners trying every trick in the book to grab a seat. Please check for the air conditioning around the seat you have chosen. On occasions, it may not be working perfectly. While the buffets offer the opportunity to sample a wide cross-section of dishes, one can afford to be truly adventurous while ordering a la carte. Scrumptious, delicious, appetizing and appealing, the list could go on because their food is simply the best. Head to Mainland China and have a scrumptious meal over a corporate meeting or a family dinner while relishing the flavors and aromas of some authentic Chinese that sure will have you coming back for more.

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