Can’t Keep Calm Because It’s India v/s Pakistan !! A Delight For All Cricket Enthusiasts !!


Well ,who can keep calm when it’s India vs Pakistan. It is a matter of life and death when it’s India against Pakistan.

Tired of monotony and chores of city life? Head out with your friends and family and experience the joys of village life with a trip to Surajgarh Gurgaon! Located on the Golf Course Extension Road, Surajgarh Gurgaon offers visitors a chance to experience village life right in the city!


A delight for all the cricket fans.

Surajgarh Gurgaon works with the aim of preserving the vibrant cultures and traditions of Haryana and Rajasthan and conserve the traditions of village life amidst the rapid urbanization of the city. Spread across vast green planes, the Surajgarh Gurgaon offers a range of activities such as sightseeing, village tours, agricultural tours and much much more. So head out with friends and family and experience something different with a trip to Surajgarh Gurgaon!

Also, they are organizing a special screening of India vs Pakistan on Sunday which is 16th June 2019 on the same day as the fathers day.
following are some of the activities you’ll be provided there:
  • Live DJ performance feat. DJ TJ and DJ Sapphire.
  • Bhangra and dhol troops.
  • Cheerleaders and live match screening.
  • Pool Party and rain dance.


Click here to head to this amazing place.

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