Chennai!! Chance To Add Zeal To Your Day With Delicious Meal OF Big Buffet Carnival


Vannakam Chennai!!! The Big Buffet Carnival is back!!!

Food is definitely our first love and everything else follows. Don’t you agree? A delicious meal can add that extra zeal to your day. Here come the loaded lists of good restaurants to try. Also, don’t forget an additional 5% cashback on SBI cards. Plus, you may also win a OnePlus 7 Pro every week, and various other vouchers.

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1. Mainland China:-

The art of Chinese cooking is veiled in mystery! How do you acquire the perfect citrus twist? How do the eastern flavors balance themselves so naturally on your palate? Unravel the answer to the sweet-salty-spicy mysteries of the Chinese culinary arts here at Mainland China, one of India’s largest chains of fine-dining restaurants. The delectable food served here includes long noodles, appetizing soups, steaming dumplings, tangy sauces infused main courses, spice-infused rice dishes and a lot more. Best known for its lunch and dinner buffet, the restaurant does some gorgeous a-la-carte preparations that must not be missed!

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2. Seasonal Tastes:-

If colorful foods and exotic ingredients are your things, Seasonal Tastes is a place you’ll love! As the name suggests, Seasonal Tastes is all about relishing the gorgeous flavors of all things in season. Amidst soothing modern decor with ceiling to floor windows that overlook the beautiful courtyard, the chefs at Seasonal Tastes bring about vibrant foods that fill the air with a divine aroma. Healthy and energizing breakfast items, wholesome lunch and dinner options packed with nutrients and an extensive drinks menu are what the menu encompasses.

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3. 27 Culinary Street:-

Not sure how to expose your child to new cultures and cuisines? Head out for a culinary extravaganza with 27 Culinary Street. Located in Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai, Dwarka Colony, 27 Culinary Street offers a wide array of Chinese and North Indian delicacies. Offering goodness all day long, the restaurant is an ideal place to enjoy a hearty business lunch and heart-warming meals with family and friends. At this very own fascinating culinary quest, you will find great and original foods that are wholesome, healthy, flavorful and innovative in their own way. A lavish dinner on your mind? 27 Culinary Street is the place where you can sit back and take your tastebuds on a gastronomical journey of flavors and yummy treats.

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4. Vasco’s:-

The all-day dining restaurant located in the resplendent Hilton Chennai, Vasco’s serves fresh and innovative global cuisine with flavors from North Indian, Continental, and Asian cuisines. Their live kitchens allow you to watch as your food is prepared and customization can be requested. The restaurant’s contemporary and stylish decor and relaxed ambiance, combined with the spectacular views of the city, ensure the perfect dining experience.

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5. Onesta:-

Derived from the Italian word for ‘honest’, Onesta is a chain of restaurants that stands by that word! They make use of honest ingredients sourced exclusively from local sources and offer unlimited portions that you can feast on to your heart’s delight. Their restaurants feature a vibrant and inviting setting and their appealing menu consists of dishes of Italian cuisine as well as a selection of fast-food favorites. With a friendly staff that is dedicated to offering an honest and fun-filled experience and an unlimited array of culinary delights to choose from, Onesta is a must-visit for all foodies!

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When are you heading?

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