Delhi! Take A Break From Cliche Restaurants At Jungle Jamboree’s 7-Course Meal For Just INR 599!!


Life is very busy and our daily routine and work schedule only adds to it. But if you are a jungle lover and crave to visit them every once in a while, is it really possible to do it? Of course, you cant go to a jungle but what if we bring the jungle to you? Surprised? Well, read further to know.

Jungle Jamboree is a themed dining place that gives you a virtual tour across an exhilarating jungle that is designed with virtual trees, animals and more giving a vibe exactly similar to a jungle and underwater life.

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Can you even imagine, 7-course meal for just so low? There will be an array of delicious dishes from soups and chaat to ice-cream and mocktails, and for each course you have a huge selection to choose from. The food here is awesome but one of them stands out amidst all. Do not forget to try out the ‘Masaledar Machli ka Tikka’ here that is sure to make your taste-buds spice up a bit. It is cooked in a tandoor and every flavour enhances your bright mood here.

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If you have kids or if you are a jungle lover, do not forget to experience this restaurant and have a great dining experience with the best visuals.

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