Diwali Checklist Is Here So Tell Us How Many Did You Check!


Just like all our Indian festivals, Diwali also comes under our ‘most awaited festivals’ list. The Festival of Light brings us joy, health, prosperity and loads and loads of sweets and food. We all love the way maa makes the Diwali special snacks and the way we fight with our brothers and sisters on finalizing a pattern for setting the lights on the windows.

However, these are just the childhood memories relating to Diwali, and now most of us have come away from our homes due to work or studies. But as we mentioned festivals are all about celebrating joy, here’s how you can make your Diwali complete with your family or with friends, or maybe both!

1. Shopping

We cliche mindset believes that shopping is the best friend of girls, but agree to this boys we all are also the suckers for Diwali shopping. Traditional wear or Indo-Western, we all love buying our clothes for Diwali. Also, in the name of Diwali we end up buying stuff for the next 6 months as well! The best part here is the wide range of sale in online and retail stores. Be it Myntra, be it Amazon, or be it Flipkart, name it and you got it.

2. Mithai

What’s an Indian festival without a box full of mithai?! It’s nothing. Normally we all love mithai but admit it, during the end of Diwali we’re just so full of it and still our festival is bland without these little sweet pleasurable treats. Kaju Barfi, Soan Papdi, Badam Barfi, Aam Papad, a box full of dry fruits and more are the must habitants of your living room’s center table. Mostly all our moms make some kind of a special mithai which is our favourite but is only made once or twice a year, kinda like festive specials.

3. Gifts

What is the one thing common on any special day? Birthday, anniversary, promotion and even festival, all have exchange of gifts. Buying gifts for your family and friends is a very hectic process because it involves a lot of thinking in terms of likeness and budget. However, the numerous sales on Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, etc makes it easier.

4. Lights

Nowadays arranging fairy lights in any and every kind of a party has become the most loved decoration of people. Now imagine bright and beautiful lights all over your house, wherever you look it’s shining bright, isn’t that peace to eyes?! Lighting diyas and colourful candles are also one of the ways of adding the bright factor to your Diwali. Not to forget the light emitted from the crackers! P.S. – Cut down on crackers, it affects the environment.

5. Clean

Oh shoot! This is the first and foremost step in welcoming Diwali with open arms. It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi visits the households celebrating Diwali and hence keeping your place clean is must. So, get to work and throw out all the ‘I may use someday’ stuff because fact check, those stuff are simply useless. Get to work!

Do all these and you’re ready for Diwali. If you’ve already done this then let me tell you you are one wise fella!

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