Your Online Purchase History Is Revealed! Do You Know What You Did In 2016?


1. Over 62 lakh people walked into an outlet using a nearbuy voucher. You were one of them!

Now, we can all agree that online buying is safe, convenient and the way of the future



2. You were among 12 lakh plus people who bought burgers & pizzas online!

Fast food for the win!



3. You were among 1 lakh plus people who then hit the gym to shed those extra calories…

…And the guilt!



4. You bought a whopping 25 lakh buffets in a year!

Who would’ve thought you’d pick buffets over pizza?



5. You were among over 20 lakh people who got their worries massaged away

Nothing like some spa time to keep the stress at bay!



6. You were among 8 lakh plus people who watched movies using nearbuy

We hope you know your PVR voucher includes in-theatre meals too!



7. You were among over 50,000 people who got a tattoo…and among 15,000 who got them removed. Oops!

Guess some things are not meant to last forever



8. You were among over 60,000 people who decided that nothing could stop you from taking a good ol’ vacation!

Maybe try out our staycations, this year?



9. You bought one dessert every 2 minutes…

…Thus proving there’s always room for dessert



10. You were among the 6.96 lakh people who visited amusement parks

The best way to unleash the child in you!



11. You were among the 25,000 people who visited an astrologer through nearbuy

Can you tell us what the future holds?



12. Over 2.27 lakh people partied using nearbuy on December 31st

We hope you had the best New Year’s Eve!


Now, it’s time to make to make resolutions, until you break them.

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