Finding A Perfect Spa Is Like Finding A Perfect Partner Hence Know Your Spa!!


It is a very common mistake that we all make that we restrict our understanding of spas only to massages and facials. Only a few of us are really aware of the types, necessities and things to look for in an ideal spa. There’s a lot more to what meets an amateur eye. It is difficult for a newcomer to know what is being offered and how it would affect us, that’s easy for a spa-veteran. 

Knowing your skin and body is important. Whether your skin is smooth or firm? Does your skin exude healthy glow? Does your body feel relaxed? If the answer is ‘no’, it’s time to go for a spa massage. Massage with a revitalizing scrub, body wrap, these tranquillize treatments don’t simply feel good, they offer health and beauty advantages. A relaxing and rejuvenating experience of a nice spa is very effective in switching on your ‘me’ time that relaxes, detoxes rejuvenates and recharges you for the hectic days ahead.  Spas and touch therapies are thus intrinsically connected. The nurturing touch of a skilled therapist’s hands on one’s body has benefits that go beyond the realm of the physical. Given below are a few major kinds of spas that you must watch out for.

1. Ayurvedic Spa

Ayurveda means the ‘knowledge for long life’ in Sanskrit, the oldest known health practice in the world. It is one of the most efficient ways of preventing disease and boost immunity, delay ageing and promote well being. The best part of the spa is the usage of natural herbs and medicinal plants. The motto of this spa is creating a balance between one’s mind, body and spirit. Being a tradition of over 5,000 years, Ayurvedic remains the most trusted spa practice of India.

2. Balinese Spa

Balinese spa is a combination of gentle stretches, acupressure, reflexology and aromatherapy as it is a full-body, deep tissue, holistic treatment. It’s main purpose is to stimulate the blood flow, oxygen and energy around the body. The scented massage oil used proves to be a therapeutic. The essential oils soothes the mind and the soul equally. It has a method of kneading the body which unties the stress knots inside your body. It relaxes the muscles.

3. Thai Spa

Thai massage is a relatively new concept even though it’s an ancient form of massage developed by Buddhists over 2,500 years ago. It uses passive stretching and gentle pressure along the body’s energy lines to increase flexibility, relieve muscle and joint tension, and balance the body’s energy systems. It works with compassion and with a lot of exercises, maybe that’s why it is called “lazy man’s workout”.

4. Swedish Spa

Emerging from the provinces of Sweden, a Swedish massage is basically a classic massage. It is a combination of five techniques – stroking and gliding, kneading, rubbing, tapping or pounding and vibration. The entire massage procedure is designed to improve the blood circulation, soothes your muscles and makes you feel relaxed. It gives you plenty of time to unwind and relax.


5. Reflexology

Reflexology is a form of bodywork that involves applying pressure to the hands and feet to produce changes in pain and other benefits elsewhere in the body. The term reflexology is meant for ‘reflex areas’ on feet and hands. By applying pressure to reflex areas, a reflexologist is said to remove energy blockages and promote health in the related body area. It relieves stress, headaches, tension, arthritis, insomnia, and much more. It is not the usual form of a spa, but a very unique and effective method of massage.

6. Scalp Massage

Scalp massage might sound like a teeny thing to do but you must not undermine the effect it has on your body. It is basically a head massage designed to relax the mind and encourage circulation. Many times, tension is felt within the head and neck, so scalp massages can be very effective as a stress reducer. It is said to offer a variety of benefits, which may include stress relief, a reduction in headaches and migraines, and a boost in blood flow. The increase in blood flow aids in feeding and strengthening the hair follicles, which may cause the hair to grow at a faster rate, as well as aid in the fight to avoid hair loss.

These are just a few types of massages but there are a lot more. Getting a spa done once a month is ideal for the Indians. You can get any kind of massage at any and every spa in any city.

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