Free Cupcakes from Bombaykery, Cyberhub For All The Children tomorrow!


The Bombaykery in CyberHub is giving away free cupcakes to all kids who walk in on the 14th of November. We wish we could go claim some for ourselves, but since we cannot, we’re telling you all about it so you can take your kids or nephews and nieces, young cousins, or just about anyone who would legitimately fall under this category to go get their fill of these beautiful cupcakes!

If you are a parent or someone who’s surrounded by children, you can just drop in on Children’s Day and get a cupcake for them, while you go get a cup of coffee (we hear that they’re beginning to serve some fantastic flavors) or a macaron for yourself. The cupcakes are absolutely free and there is no catch here. You just need to show up with your kid and they’ll give your kid a deliciously decadent chocolate cupcake that the two of you will fall irrevocably in love with. Plus, they’re open from 10 am until midnight, so you can drop in even after work and treat them to this sweet surprise!

Are we going or are we going?

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