Chennai!! Craving for authentic pizza? Your search has ended <3


“There is Nothing More Honest than Food.” Don’t you guys agree ? Of course everyone will surely agree to it. If pizzas are your thing, then Onesta is where you need to head for a menu consisting of only pizzas! Onesta is derived from the Italian word for honest, and it truly stands by it. This place is a heaven for foodies as they serve their dishes with the use of authentic ingredients and tasty sauces. Their restaurants feature a vibrant and inviting setting and their appealing menu consists of dishes of Italian cuisine as well as a selection of fast-food favorites.

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The menu mainly has pizzas. That’s what Onesta is known for.  Apart from pizzas they also serve desserts and some drinks.  Also, the pizzas served here are all personal sized. The roasted chicken pizza, Bacon and Prawn pizzas are really finger-licking good. Pepperoni pizza and garlic bread are also equally yummy. Onesta unlimited pizzas and dessert combo could win your heart leaving your stomach satisfied.

Every time you visit Onesta have a different type of pizza. This would give you a chance to taste all the yummy and delicious food made in Onesta. It has a warm ambiance and is a great place if you just want some time away from all the hustle-bustle. It is worth spending to satisfy your appetite for Italian cuisine.

Click here to avail  Veg/Non-Veg Pizza @ just INR 99.

Let us know if you have a better place other than this to enjoy Italian.

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