Gurgaon! Go Trick Or Treating This Year At These 2 Spookiest Ever Halloween Parties Of The Year!


We all know that 31st October is just another day for us in India. However, we are truly fascinated by the Halloween concept abroad. 31st October is when everybody celebrates Halloween, and we are here to inform you that this time you also can. Your favourite hangout spot in the city Molecule Air Bar and Distillery are making history with the craziest and the spookiest ever Halloween parties of the year. Read on to know more about it.

Molecule Air Bar

Molecule Air Bar promises you a night that you can never forget. What are the most important elements of a party? Theme? Check. Food? Check. Drinks? Check. Music? Check. Fun? Double check! Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story. Ghosts and goblins, scary witches, zombies and mummies, dress as you wish and get 5000/- INR worth of Molecule voucher. There will be loads of food and drinks for you to compliment your time under their roof. Isn’t it just amazing to live something you’ve always wanted to?!

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Distillery – Craft Beer & Cocktails

Located in Sector 29, Distillery is hosting the party of the year on 31st October and it seriously is outstanding. Come with your friends and family to experience a never before atmosphere of darkness and spookiness. Be it a dracula or a superhero, be it a nurse or a lawyer, all are invited to the craziest ever dress-up party. There’s gonna butt load of food, drinks and fun, so cannot miss this to save yourselves from major FOMO!

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