We All Scream For Baskin Robbins Ice Cream! Beat The Blistering Heat With 2 Favourite Regular Scoops Of Ice-Cream At INR 195 Only!


Time travel to your childhood at the signature pink and blue Baskin Robbins outlet. They have been serving us creamy ice-creams, in 31 amazing flavours for more than fifty years now. Their curated flavours, brightly lit ice cream parlours and creamy ice-cream concoctions have been delighting our hearts forever. If you are spoilt for choice just have them all!

Summers are for ice creams, so visit your nearest Baskin Robbins outlet today to enjoy 2 scoops of delicious ice-cream at INR 195 only! Also, get 25% cash back as first time nearbuy.com user.

The summer favourite, Alphonso Gold, for chocoholics they have Bavarian Chocolate, Chocolate Almond Praline, Chocolate Chip Mousse Royale. If you think thats all you are in for a surpise! Honey Nut Crunch, Hop Scotch Butterscotch, Litchi Gold, Mint Milk Chocolate, Pralines ‘N Cream, Mississippi Mud, Gold Medal Ribbon and Malted Chocolate Fudge… we are drooling already! Where are you?

This summer don’t resist but indulge and treat your loved ones to the ice-creams we all crave! Enjoy two divine regular scoops of ice-cream at INR 210 only!

Celebrate the special moments in life or indulge in a quick bite to sweeten your day with a trip to Baskin Robbins!

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Mahak Maini for nearbuy.com

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