KFC has just launched ‘Double Down’ & it is worth the hype. Here’s why !!


KFC has officially launched its new item called the Double Down. Oh yes!! Yum has made its way in an even better version now. Have you ever felt low and wanted to have an ice cream to feel good ? It’s said – ‘Feeling downie ? Eat a brownie.’ Well, that’s going to be replaced with the Double Down hype now.

So sad souls out there, step out of your home and go grab a Double down right now to lighten up your mood. Click here for exciting offers on KFC burgers and other KFC coupons starting from just Rs. 185. Also, use nbPAY for an additional 5% cashback.

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Double down is a burger but what makes it unique is that it is made of fried chicken rather than bun.  It contains a filling of exciting sauce flavors, lettuce, onions, tomatoes and cheese if you are a cheese lover. You can choose the type of double down based on your preferences too. Experience more of KFC’s chicken out of this all new All chicken – No bun burger. It’s worth trying at least once.

KFC’s Double down will always give you a free company. Why always the same old burger, try something new folks ! Go grab it before it’s too late because you are sure going to regret it if you miss the opportunity. Click here for amazing KFC coupons, gift cards and deals starting from just INR 185. Make sure to use the nbPAY during checkout to avail an extra 5% cashback.

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–  Aashritha Dhaduvai for nearbuy.com


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