Mumbai!!! List Of Places To Enjoy”Garma Garam Chai” This Monsoon Season


Chai-time is a favorite moment for every Mumbaikar; after all, the city’s fast-paced culture invented the cutting-chai, a half-glass of strong, spiced tea. We list the best tea boutiques and tea spots in Mumbai for a range of blends and flavors.Mumbai has a strong bond with tea. It is the only city where the word ‘cutting’ is added before ‘chai’. ‘Cutting chai’ is nothing but half filled glasses of strong milk tea. Yet this ‘nothing’ liquid is more than a cup to Mumbaikars. For them the sip brings utmost pleasure and refreshment. If anyone is looking for such an experience in Mumbai, then they must visit these places for a cup of garma garam chai.

1.  Chai point:-

Chai has been India’s most beloved beverage for ages. More often than not, you’d come across several chai-a-holics who just cannot get by their day without a cuppa! And to meet the needs of such die hard fans of chai, Chai Point was born. Their philosophy is simple; “India runs on Chai”, their concept is straight forward; providing a clean cup of ‘asli’ chai to all the chai lovers, their methodology is absolutely natural and as a result of all this, what you get is a delightful cup of your favorite beverage! And that friends, is an inexplicable joy! Now every time you need some good, home-made chai, you know Chai Point is the place to go to!

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2. Chai pe Charcha:-

The place serves all kinds of tea- Adrak chai, Full chai, Masala Chai in kullad, Paani Kum Chai, Thandak Chai, Dum Chai, Sukoon ki Chai, the popular Cutting chai and lots more. Located in various places like Lower Parel, Prabhadevi, Lokhandwala and Fort, this is a favourite place for tea lovers. If one does not want to experiment with other forms of tea, then the traditional and celebrated ‘cutting chai’ is enough to refresh the taste buds.

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Mumbai food: Best places for cutting chai in the city

3.The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf:-

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf presents simply the best of both. In addition, it also offers a variety of ice blended drinks, breakfast options, fast food, gourmet food and desserts. It has gorgeous interiors teamed with flavorsome food and drinks! All in all a unique destination to refresh yourself and spend leisure time your friends and family.

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4. Tea Trails:-

This cafe has a wide range of teas from all around the world. Not only will you be able to try some exotic teas like the Chinese Green Tea and the Japanese Sencha, but also the regular ones which you get in Mumbai. The pleasing interiors have made this a popular hotspot for tea lovers who come here to have their favorite beverage.

If you haven’t entered the tea universe yet, it’s never too late. While coffee is a worldwide favorite, tea is definitely catching on. So, go ahead and give these places a shot and don’t forget to let us know your reviews later.

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