Mumbai, Tip Tip Baarse Offers Only At Tipsy Gypsy Starting at INR 749! TIPSY LIT, ALREADY?

Get a little tipsy, Look Fierce, Speak Your Mind, Fall in Love, Lock Lips & Have The Best Night of Your Life!

Mumbai, cannot wait to break the gloomy, dull days and feel high happy? Head out for tipsy times and free-spirited fun times with a trip to Tipsy Gypsy. Located in Veera Desai Area, Mumbai, Tipsy Gypsy is a stylish restaurant that features spacious interiors that seamlessly blend retro design with modern comforts to create a captivating ambiance, perfect for a fun filled night out with friends. They offer a range of aesthetically presented dishes of Continental, Mediterranean, Italian and North Indian cuisines that cane be paired with your favorite drink from the bar.

Click here to make your weekdays liit, Mon, Tue & Wed (4:00PM to 1:00AM): 2 Beers (330ml) + 1 Starter at INR 749 only!

That’s not all!The restaurant offers a range of board games to keep you busy, a buzzing nightlife that are sure to attract party lover and live entertainment options such as sports screenings, live music, a dancefloor and more that ensure there is never a dull moment at the Tipsy Gypsy! With wooden decor and blue lights, it is sure to leave you tipsy! 😉

Click here to avail the weekend party offer for two, Thu, Sat & Sun (4:00PM to 7:00PM): 4 Beers (330ml) + 2 Starters for JUST INR 1349! LET’S GET HIGH ALREADY?

Click here to scroll through more such offers on wine, dine and a lot moreee! 😀

I’m feeling tipsy & fresh! Are you?

-Akansha Kapoor for

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