The Most Popular & Loved Beverages Of India!


India is a diverse countries with a very different kind of drinks, each consisting of distinct flavours of its state. In such a country where some place has cold weather, while at the same time somewhere else its sweltering hot, beverages play a major role in soothing the blow. Here is a list of the most famous drinks of India.

1. Kesar Masala Chai

Chai or tea is not just a beverage, it is an emotion served best in kulhad (clay vessel), and mind you the best flavour doesn’t come in cup! Assam and Darjeeling are best known for its tea. Some like it as regular chai, some prefer it with masala, while some choose kesar chai over anything and everything.
Nowadays, a new kind of tea has paved its way into the lanes and streets of India, Tandoori chai (tea made in tandoor).Parle G or khari with any kind of chai makes the most perfect couple.

2. Lassi

The best version of curd anybody can like is in the form of lassi. From the villages of Punjab, this beverage has won the hearts of every person who has ever tasted it. This sweet flavoured whipped curd drink also comes in different added flavours like rose, kesar, malai, mango and more. A complete meal for some (non-Punjabis of course!), they serve it in a big tall glass, while some serve it in a kulhad. Believe us it’s a task to finish it entirely after a meal.

3. Shikanji

The sole saviour of the sweltering heat of Gujarat, Rajasthan and other states, shikanji can be found at almost every nook and corner of any city. Famously known as lemonade in abroad, this beverage refreshes your senses and gives you a cooling effect. The flavour of jaljeera renders it a nice tangy taste, and the mint leaves rejuvenates your mouth, it makes us wanting for more!

4. Aam Panna

This is the first choice of people in summer .it is sour in taste and made from unripe mangoes, salt, jeera powder, chillies, coriander leaves and mint. It helps us to protect ourselves from sun stroke. It maintains body temperature in summer. This drink is favourite especially of kids.

5. Thandai

Bhang or thandai is made from milk and dry fruits which makes it tasty and healthy. It is specially drunk in Maha Shivratri with putting bhang. It is favourite drink of Lord Shiva. Thandai also contains mawa that makes it more delicious and the favourite of all.

These are the most popular drinks that we personally love. If there’s more you wish to add to this list then let us know.

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