Raise The Bar: 9 Themed Bars in Sector 29, Gurgaon To Drink & Dine For Under Rs. 1000


1. Warehouse Café

Located in Sector 29, this café and brewery with unplastered walls, dark interiors and portraits of actual warehouses is superhero-themed. We’re talking batman-themed table mats, a Justice league-themed menu and cocktails named after your favourite superheroes.

Image Courtesy: goyano.com

2. Jungle Jamboree

Like the water, or prefer the jungle? Either way, this café is for you. If the mermaids and the ocean blue don’t soothe you, the giraffes, lions, green, jungle-like feel and artificial grass on seats, are sure to hit the spot. So get lost in the jungle or the ocean, leave the kids in the play area, and sip on your favourite brew.

Image Courtesy: eveningflavours.com

3. Backyard Underground

Imagine secretive discussions over drinks in your dark backyard, underground. Now, stop imagining. Head down, about 20 ft. below the surface, use the stairway to go down, with lighting and graffiti to keep you company, till you’re underground. This is a backyard underground, but with a twist: Wooden furniture, old equipment, comfy couches, light boards and low hanging bulbs. Now, all you need to order are some butter chicken naans and a quick glass of the Backyard Banta to complete the evening.

Image Courtesy: dineout.co.in

4. The Addams House

Remember Gomez, Morticia, Uncle Fester, Lurch, Grandmama, Wednesday, Pugsley and Thing? Well, they’re all at the Addams House. The façade resembles a spooky castle and has an entwining staircase leading to the rooftop. A bowing mannequin of Lurch welcomes you to the blood red interiors, a mural of the family brings back memories, and lamps being held by Thing brighten up your night.

Image Courtesy: dineout.in

5. Molecule Air Bar

With its excellent execution of the chosen theme, which is Chemistry and Warfare, this Air Bar is inspired by Adolf Hitler’s ‘evil’ chemistry lab. The food is served in objects found in a chemistry lab, the menu offers insights into the WWII and waiters walk around in military uniform. Art installations, ceiling lights, and interiors blend chemistry and wartime memorabilia. All you need is some Air Bread to nibble on and some Dimag ki batti to wash it down.

Image Courtesy: cellitnews.com

7. DiVino Wine Bar & Kitchen

Great news for ‘Game of Thrones’ lovers. No, the next season is not here. But if you’re missing the show, then head to DiVino. Inspired by the cult series, this wine haven takes you back to the Medieval-war era with helmets, swords, gauntlets and helms across the three floors. Not to forget the majestic ‘Armour of the Duke of Burgundy’ which greets guests in style.

Image Courtesy: tripadvisor.com

8. Dockyard

If outdoor seating and pleasing interiors are not your thing, then Dockyard is a place you should go. As the name suggests, this place is beautifully peppered with submarines, sailor wheels, compasses and ship ropes. A gigantic 27-screen display projecting spectacular sea videos leaves you in awe, as you sip on your drink.

Image Courtesy: eveningflavors .com

9. Factory By Sutra

The name says it all. Gurgaon’s first factory-themed brewery, which is decked up with pipes and rustic interiors. Red brick walls with old-school leather couches and dim lighting – all collectively brew the perfect evening scene.






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