Sharaabi Parantha Anyone? This Place In Delhi Serves Drool-Worthy Boozy Paranthas That Will Make You Go High, High And Higher!


Parantha Makkhan Mar Ke is so old school. Welcome the Sharabi Parantha, folks!

Have you ever heard of a Parantha that could get you drunk? This Parantha is not just high on flavours but has the power to get you high too, quite literally.

Not Just Paranthas in Delhi serves this amazing boozy parantha that is stuffed with a filling of dry fruits that are soaked in alcohol overnight. A few ounces of Rum are then spread over it and the steward flips his lighter for the Sharabi Parantha to catch fire.

This flaming parantha has already made it to our bucket list. Has it made it to yours?

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– Harsh Baldev for nearbuy

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