Starbucks Is Selling All Beverages For Just INR 100 & We’re Losing Our Minds!


Do you get cranky without your morning dose of coffee? Does coffee mean your only solution to a sane day? Well then, you’ll be excited to hear that Starbucks is celebrating the International Coffee Week by selling any tall/short handcrafted beverage for just INR 100 on 6th October! Yes! This ain’t a joke.

Valid across all stores in India, Starbucks is hitting a home-run this Saturday.  For those who are not much of a coffee fanatic can also try this, ’cause it’s just for INR 100! Doesn’t sound like a bad deal. And one more thing, this price is inclusive of all the taxes, so you won’t have to crib over any extra rupee spent on taxes. The beverages being served under this price are rich Macchiatos, delicious Cold Brew, super smooth Nitro, Java Chip and much more.  This is a done deal!

If you miss out on this then you’ll regret it while watching your friends’ stories on Snapchat and Instagram Yes, this truly is insta-worthy!

So cancel all your Saturday plans ’cause we’re gonna celebrate the International Coffee Week with Starbucks. Happy coffee! 🙂

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