7 Cocktails to try this Friday

Stirred, shaken, neat, on the rocks, straight up, with a kick, or dirty. However you order them, everyone (save for maybe some Mormons and recovering alcoholics) loves a good cocktail.Go high and quench your thirst with these crazy cocktails.

Sip the Appletini at Tummy Tation, Mumbai

Try this gorgeous drink that has gained popularity by adding a big twist to the typical dry martini. Top it up with some apple schnapps and voila your weekend cannot get any better.

Try the ultimate long island iced tea at Toit, Bangalore

Fabulous on a hot day! Try the Lime Cordial in place of sweet and sour. let the night start and you are set to loose count of how many of these you will have.
Warning: Highly addictive

Quench your thirst with Margarita at Margarita Lounge Bar, Bangalore

Incredible flavor! Just the perfect amount of lime and not too sweet! Served straight up or on the rocks, the margarita is one of the most popular cocktails of all time. And for good reason! It will cool you down on a hot day or warm you up on a cool day. Any day is a good day for a margarita.

Refresh with the Mint Julep at BTM, Bangalore

Muddle mint leaves, powdered sugar, and water in a Collins glass. Fill the glass with shaved or crushed ice and add bourbon .Another hassle-free way to serve Bourbon is to mix it into a punch and let your guests help themselves, freeing you up to be a charming host. Here is one you can mostly make ahead of time – in fact, you have to make it at least a couple of hours ahead so it has time to chill.

Madness of Mimosa at The Black Rabbit, Bangalore

What’s better to serve at brunch than a fabulous mimosa recipe made with dry sparking wine and orange juice? It’s simple, fun and perfect to serve company. Fill 8 champagne flutes 1/2 full with chilled sparkling wine. Top with orange juice and let the fun begin.

Best Bellini at Ardor, Delhi

The Bellini is a popular sparkling wine champagne and a perfect way to make your favorite wine a little peachy. The recipe is easy and the drink is a lot of fun. . The Bellini is a popular drink for brunch and if you want something a little more innocent, try the Baby Bellini.

Mojito love at PCO, Delhi

The cocktail is a sweet drink, containing a good deal of sugar and is often topped with a few mint leaves.You can use a selection of bitters to cut the sweetness factor and still have an enjoyable summer drink.
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