Woah! The 5-Day Long Weekend Is Near & We Are All Set With Our Packed Bags!


“We have nothing to lose and a world to see”

Why do we always go to clubs and bars whenever we get some time off? Why don’t we step outside of our locales and explore ? Travelling is the healthiest addiction you can ever have. Plus, when Nearbuy sorts all your weekend blues with special tailor-made plans with 20% cashback on all the hotels, you gotta pack your bags and start wandering.

The 5-day long weekend beginning from 28th September till 2nd October, is the best ever time for us to get to all those places that we have kept bookmarked on our phones. Detox yourself from the boring 9-5 jobs and step towards your dream destination to frame it in the album of your memories.

Be it mountains, be it beaches, be it urban, be it rural, you can reach anywhere with Nearbuy’s Long Weekend Sale. Doesn’t matter if you’re from North or South, East or West, this offer is for everybody who is a travel fanatic.

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-Nikita Shah for nearbuy.com

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