20 Unbelievable Experiences You Can Buy Online. The 6th One Will Blow Your Mind!


1. Sky Diving At Dhanipur Airstrip, Aligarh

Skydiving on your mind, but tickets to New Zealand too expensive? No fret. Yes, this could be you.

nearbuy sky diving
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2. Horse Riding Sessions In Gurgaon

Remember the dream you had about riding off into the sunset? Well, it’s about to come true!

nearbuy horse riding
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3. Hamam Turkish Foam Bath In Kolkata

Istanbul on your bucket list? Get the Turkish experience, right here, right now!

nearbuy hamam turkish bath
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4. Lunch At India’s First Haunted-Themed Restaurant In Chennai

Love horror movies? Take it to another level by dining with skeletons, ghosts and bats!

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5. Sailing In Mumbai 

Dreaming of a Caribbean vacation, with the wind in your hair and the spray of the sea on your skin? Try sailing in Mumbai; it’s so close to the real thing!

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6. Luxury Private Boat Ride In Goa

Imagine exploring Goa’s rivers and backwaters, with that special someone, in your own private yacht as the sun goes down.             Talk about living on the edge!

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7. Casino Entry Including A Gala Dinner, Drinks And Playing Chips In Goa

Feeling lucky? Try your hand at Blackjack or Roulette in Goa.         Go on, Leonardo believes in you!

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8. A Romantic Outing Or Overnight Trip In A Luxurious Caravan In Jaipur

Long drives in cars are so passé. Rent a caravan! ♥

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9. Premium 7-Course Candlelight Dinner With The Chef’s Special Menu, Wine And A Personal Butler At The Lalit, Jaipur

Chef’s special menu and a butler! Yes, you heard that right. Book it to believe it.

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10. Luxury Mani-Pedi, Hair Spa & Fruit Facial At Toni & Guy, Chennai

A fruit facial is the perfect recipe for flawless skin and endless compliments. But don’t just take our word for it.

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11. Behind-The-Scenes Bollywood Action Tour In Mumbai

Want to know what all happens between ‘Lights, Camera & Action’ to ‘It’s a wrap’? It’s so unbelievable, it’s surely going to raise a few eyebrows!

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12. Helicopter Joy Ride For A Couple/Shared In Mumbai

Catch an aerial view of Mumbai city from way up above. One heck of a ride awaits you!

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13. Couple’s Spa Therapy, Steam, Shower And Jacuzzi At Sohum Spa, Ahmedabad

Oh, a welcome drink and foot ritual will also be thrown in. Why’re you still thinking about this?

couple's spa nearbuy
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14. Scuba Diving Program In Pune

The Pacific can wait. Welcome to the deep side, right here in Pune!

Image courtesy: giphy.com
Image courtesy: giphy.com

15. Day Outing At Ramoji Film City In Hyderabad, The Largest In The World

Over 2000 acres, motion pictures in different languages, an amusement park and other recreational activities. You will literally be living the movie!

Image Courtesy: www.giphy.com
Image Courtesy: www.giphy.com

16. A Night Out Pub-Hopping Across 16 Pubs In Gurgaon

Shots, anyone?

Image courtesy: http://www.readunwritten.com
Image courtesy: http://www.readunwritten.com

17. Flying a Boeing 737 Aircraft, Cessna and Fighter Jets in Bangalore

Virtually fly planes in any city across the globe. Dubai, Maldives, or Manhattan? You pick!

flight simulation Bangalore nearbuy
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18. Chill With Nutty Darth Vader and Boba Fett At The Ripley’s Oddities Museum, Bangalore

If that doesn’t interest you, perhaps the wax museum, fossil museum or the Dino park at the Innovative Film City, will.

Image Courtesy: giphy.com
Image Courtesy: giphy.com

19. Sunday Brunch With Unlimited Drinks At Delhi Pavilion

Yes, unlimited. See you on Sunday?

Image Courtesy: http://www.readunwritten.com
Image Courtesy: http://www.readunwritten.com

20. Sunday Pool Brunch at Holiday Inn, Chandigarh

Go for the pool. Stay for the Dry Fruit Til Malpua With Rabari. You in?

Image Courtesy: giphy.com
Image Courtesy: giphy.com


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