Fun Times At nearbuy


Chhavi Sharma tasted the best homemade butter chicken in Delhi. Ashish Kumar Jha wore a lungi for the first time. Anirudh Srinivas saw the second episode of Game of Thrones Season 6 at 6 in the evening as he missed it in the morning. Vinayak Chowdhri went on his first blind date. Niti Uttam replaced the nearbuy CMO for one day.

 What’s special about this? They did it all at one place, the nearbuy office!

From potluck lunches and Diwali parties to Game of Thrones screenings and blind dates, the HR department at nearbuy ensures the employees work hard, and party harder.

At the nearbuy potluck lunch, Chhavi realised that:


  1. The lunch helped her uncover so many fascinating traits about her colleagues she would otherwise never have known

2. She got so carried away socialising that she forgot to get the recipe of that delicious butter chicken

 At a lungi/saree-themed party, Ashish discovered that:


1. Wearing a lungi is pretty cool, literally!

2. He’s found the perfect conversation starter: “One day I wore a lungi to office….”

 During the Game of Thrones screening, Anirudh realised that:


  1. If he ever misses a movie/sitcom, he can get the HR team to air it in the office; no tears or begging needed. But it does help if:

a. You get a group of people to back your idea

b. Sound convincing, and remember that a sad face never goes unnoticed

After his blind date, Vinayak discovered that:


  1. This initiative is a great way to get to know people beyond just their job titles
  2. His “date”, Pritika Bharti, who works in the finance department is a numbers whiz and fantastic at her job
  3. He can’t wait for his second blind date!

When Niti took over as nearbuy CMO for a day, she discovered that:


  1. Being the nearbuy CMO can leave you with high BP
  2. She can officially brag about having been the CMO of nearbuy, even if it was just for a day

  All these realisations have been possible thanks to an enthusiastic and hardworking HR team at nearbuy

Senior manager, HR, Neha Mantoo, says, “We have brainstorm sessions and one-on-one meetings where we encourage the team to come up with ways to keep employees motivated, happy and more importantly, give an employee the feeling of being heard and respected, which is of utmost importance to us.”

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That’s not all, folks!

From ‘Intra-city Sports Competitions’ to a ‘Know your Colleague’ series, there’s plenty more in the pipeline to ensure there’s never a dull moment at the nearbuy office. Watch this space for more!

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