The Three nearbuy Rules


By Ankur Warikoo

In my 7 years of entrepreneurial experience, I have realised that the easy thing to build is a company.

  • Raise funds
  • Grow like crazy
  • Hire like no tomorrow
  • Fancy offices
  • Great PR
  • The works!

The hard thing though is to build an organisation where people love to come to work. That’s the hard shit! That doesn’t happen overnight.

And in my judgement, the single biggest determinant is the culture. Not how much people earn or what their titles are. But how they feel at the end of every day.

At nearbuy, our culture rests on 3 basic tenets. And it is personally important to me that every single one of us endorses these in our conduct, and feels it everyday.



No matter who you are, how much you earn, what your title is, where you studied, how you look, how you talk or the clothes you wear — you will be respected.

This allows feedback to flow freely. And makes sure that the next big idea is not the responsibility of only the top management.



As an organisation, we never fake perfection. We make mistakes and we admit them and rectify them. Because of this attitude, people will always see things broken around them. Things that could be much better done. Things that should be done. Things that should not be.

During such times, we raise our hands and fix those issues. We never say “it’s not my job”.



very single individual is measured only on his/her performance. And performance is not output. It’s outcome!

It’s not what you were supposed to do (output).

It’s what you were meant to achieve (outcome).

As we start our public journey today, through this blog, I hope we do a good job of showing what we do here at nearbuy. And convince you that it’s a nice happy world! 🙂

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