Delhitees!! Time To Plan A Day At 72 Mad Street – Place for Everyone


Is it party time with your friends, family or colleagues in the gruesome heat of Delhi? Are you looking out for a Gaming zone in Delhi to unleash your inner child? Do you think a chilled out outing and parties only consists of good food, talking and dancing? If so, then ask your kids what makes them laugh when they enter a mall and see a Bowling alley in Delhi. They will tell you what a perfect outing and party should contain to make it to 72 MAD STREET. First thing first, you need to let loose of yourself. No shyness or adulting. You will just be a kid in 72 Mad streets bowling Alley in Delhi and go crazy playing the endless choices of the game they have.

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Budget is just numbers which can be cared about the one you have had your endless fun. To make it easy on your pockets you can win complimentary vouchers and many more exciting prizes if you come to 72 Mad Street, the Gaming zone in Delhi. Last but not least, they don’t consider age a bar to measure the level of enjoyment you should have. For them, the older you are the more fun you deserve. So, bring out you tiniest in your home to the grand in your place because the Bowling alley in Delhi waits for none.

At 72 Mad Street, the Gaming zone in Delhi brings about multiple choices to choose from. They have crazy cars to test the crazy driving skills which fine “No one”. Then they have the bowling Alley smooth as butter and with limited lives. Score more and win more. The most exciting part is they are a host to every guest we let in our doors. They hold parties for kids, adults and the grand of the house. At 72 Mad Street, Gaming zone in Delhi, the only rule is to ‘Lead your way into the 72 Mad Street because we all are a little mad’.

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Let us know if you have an any better place to be at other than this.

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