Valentine’s Day 2020 – What to do on Valentine’s Day in India?


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Have you planned What to Do on Valentine’s Day in India with your partner?

Ah! Valentine’s Day! The day when couples all around the world celebrate their love by heading out (or staying in 😉), showering each other with gifts, flowers, and chocolates and other symbols of love, and just have a good time in the company of one another. Every year, millions of couples (or singles) worldwide celebrate the day of love, coming up with creative ideas for the day to make their partners drool all over them, and if you’re one of them and still have no idea What to Do on Valentine’s Day in India to make it memorable, we have the perfect list for you!

There are infinite possibilities as to what to do on Valentine’s Day in India, based on what you and your partner like; but if you, like a lot of people out there, are out of ideas and can’t decide what to do on February 14 in India to make it extra special, below is our pick of Valentine’s Day (or week) activities.

Here are a few ideas for you to make your Valentine’s Day memorable. Thank us later!

1. An Exquisite Wine and Dine ExperienceWhat to do on Valentine_s Day in India_Wine and dine

Admit it. Nothing is more romantic than a candlelight dinner accompanied by a bottle of wine. With a wide array of options of places to choose from, a wine and dine experience is the safest bet to make your Valentine’s Day in India plans extra special! Have your significant other fall head over heels for you, again!

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2. A Romantic Walk in the ParkWhat to do on Valentine's Day in India_romantic walk in park

Parks have a serenity that is rare to find. A walk in a park with your better half is a good way to celebrate Valentine’s Day in India. The serenity allows you to have a deep and impactful conversation with your partner that is sure to make your bond stronger. Follow it up by heading to a cozy cafe, and it’s a perfect date night!

3. Recreate Your First Date

What to do on Valentines Day in India_First date

Do you remember your first date? Of course, you do! Chances are that it was awkward, embarrassing, and disastrous! If it wasn’t, trust me, you’re one of the luckiest human beings on the planet.

Valentine’s Day Celebrations is the perfect opportunity for you to recreate your first date and make new memories! The embarrassment and awkwardness of the first date is a beautiful memory in its own right. But, revisiting that memory and fixing your mistakes would be a romantic way to spend your Valentine’s Day in India. Recreating your first date would make for a memorable Valentine’s Day story!

4. Become a Tourist in Your Own City

What to do on Valentines Day in India_Explore your city

However unusual it may seem, it can be a great way to spend your Valentine’s Day in India. Explore your city or nearby romantic destinations with your significant other like a tourist visiting the city. Book a room at a 5-star hotel to come back to after a tiring day out and have an exquisite experience.

5. Stay In

What to do on Valentines Day in India_stay in

You don’t have to go out to have fun? Staying in is the new going out! Make this Valentine’s Day all about your partner. Decorate their bed with rose petals, make them breakfast in bed for expressing love to start the morning, followed by a day of binge-watching your favourite TV show.

Channels also air Valentine’s Day special movies and episodes of TV shows, making it a cute Valentine’s Day date idea in India! You can even invite your friends over to your place and play card games!

6. Go Ice Skating

What to do on Valentines Day in India_ice skating

This is something you must’ve seen in a lot of rom-com movies. Ice Skating is a thrilling and fun way of spending the day with your significant other in a romantic fashion. Be there to catch your partner when they fall, not only while skating, but in life as well! Grab your partner, put on your ice-skates, and start sliding on this Valentine’s Day in India!

7. Book a Couple’s MassageWhat to do on Valentines Day in India_couples massage

Rejuvenate together by heading to a top-rated spa in your city and having a relaxing session of therapeutic massage. Massage is a good way of relaxing your mind, body, and soul; and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for a romantic getaway from the hustle-bustle of the city and to get a relaxing massage with your partner. The tranquility and serenity that the spas offer are sure to revitalise you and your partner, ready to take on the world once again!

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8. Attend a Concert

What to do on Valentines Day in India_couples massage

Concerts are a great way to celebrate any event, and Valentine’s Day is no different. A lot of musical events happen in India on Valentine’s Day, and it is possible that your favourite musical artist might be playing somewhere in the city. Do your research, head out, dance to the tunes of live music with your better half with a drink in your hands, and it does not get any more romantic than this!

9. Attend a Cooking ClassWhat to do on Valentine's Day in India_Cooking lesson

Who doesn’t love breakfast in bed? To serve your significant other breakfast in bed, you must know how to cook! Attending a cooking class with your partner is a good way of bonding while learning something new too. A cooking class will help you prepare delicious food for your partner (and for yourself too!).

10. Go on a Long Drive

What to do on Valentine's Day in India_long drive

Imagine this. It’s just you, your partner, a long, smooth road ahead, and a mixtape of your favourite songs. Sounds good, right? Celebrate this Valentine’s Day by going on a long drive with your partner. Don’t have a destination in mind? Don’t worry! Let the roads take you where they go! A long drive also offers you the perfect opportunity to get to know your partner more and make the bond a lot stronger.

11. Visit an ArcadeWhat to do on Valentine's Day in India_Arcade

An arcade has a lot of exciting games that will surely bring out the competitiveness in both of you. Arcades have a wide array of exciting games including bowling, console games, bumper cars among others that promise you a fun experience!

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These are some cute date ideas for Valentine’s Day in India. You can even try out all (or some) of these if you don’t want to waste even a single moment of this day of love! Start your day with breakfast in bed, explore your city, take a walk in a park, indulge in a relaxing massage session and end your day with a wine and dine dinner date!

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