What is the worst breakup advice from your bestie to you?


As we’ve all come to know – Breakups really do suck and take a toll on your lifestyle. You could always swipe left / right online to get over the damn thing, but ever realize how that’s kind of an endless loop? Before you know it, you’re right back where you started…

Our friends do have our back through thick and thin, however they do have the tendency to be super clichéd in their approach. Not to worry though – We’ve listed a couple of things for you to #StepOutWithnearbuy and cope with post-breakup scenes. Before we get there, here’s a list of clichés your #BFF must have dished out to you.

  1. “Everything happens for a reason.”
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The breakup was commanded by the universe, wasn’t it? Sure, that’s what the reason is…

  1. “You’re so young, you have plenty of time to find the right one.”
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‘Time’…really…We need solutions like yesterday, and you bring up future! YOU – have plenty of time to start running before I smack you in the face

  1. “It’s all for the best.”
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Oh, that’s comforting. We’re in pain right now, but it’s all for the best. Why, thank you 🙂

  1. “Time heals all wounds.”
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The pain heals eh? Cool, we’ll give it 5 more minutes. Countdown to healing in 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1..

  1. “It obviously just wasn’t meant to be.”
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You’ve really thought of everything, haven’t you? How empathetic *slow claps*

  1. “There are plenty fish in the sea.”
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NO WAY! You didn’t just pull THE cliché, did you…

  1. “You’ll get over it.”
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State the obvious much? *suddenly feels lonelier*

  1. “Someone better is waiting around the corner.”
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Like…I could go check right now? Woohooo!

  1. ‘When one door closes another one opens.’
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♫ Everyday I’m “Hodorin”♫

  1. ‘What goes around comes around.’
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We’ve all heard it. You’ve been judged. We’re done here!

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So pick up those tissues, throw that ice cream back in the freezer, grab your phone and make the most of it #StepOutWithnearbuy

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