Heyy! Spend This Dusshera Long Weekend At The Best Ever Stays Without Burning A Hole In Your Pocket!!


Of course, life is very busy. Its full of action-pack routine, responsibilities and so much more. However, it is very important once in a while to stop and smell the flowers.
Travelling is one of the best ways to discard stress. It helps you to refresh yourself, rejuvenate the vibe and bring back the zest for life. Moreover, it gets even better when a list of excellent hotel deals pave your way for one.

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This Dusshera Long Weekend from October 12th to 21st, is the perfect time for you to detox yourself and come back all rejuvenated. From beaches, to mountains to deserts and more, now travel wherever you’ve been wanting to go for long.  Don’t miss this, you have a lot to gain!

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-Sakshi Shaw for Nearbuy.com

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