Mango Beer At This Bar In Sector 29 Is The Only Thing We Want To Have This Summer & Here Is All You Need To Know!


The summers in Delhi cannot get any better now. For Delhi, summer is usually living in a hell hole, with the sun beating down on your neck, it can be challenging to even get out of the house. But this summer is special for one simple reason- Mango Beer. Yes, you read it right, the funky and amazing Prankster Bar, located in sector 29 Gurgaon is back with its unique drinks. This time around, they have chosen the king of fruits to grace their drink.

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Prankster Bar is also offering 2 mugs of beer+ 1 starter for just INR 499! Relish the taste of the new quirky and unique Mango Beer as you indulge yourself with some equally delicious munchies for just INR 499! Beat the summer heat by gathering all yourself and pouring this oh so amazing, chilled and sweet tasting Mango Beer. We promise, that you won’t be disappointed.

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